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Bums on Seats

Bums on Seats airs fortnightly, bringing you reviews of the latest cinema releases, screened in Cambridge, covering the whole spectrum of genre and production budget from blockbusters to arthouse.

Our crack review team are passionate about movies and we go into each and every screening with the same high hopes.

The on-air discussion is lively, forthright and often thought-provoking, not least because we often differ on what constitutes a ‘good film’.



The fortnightly cinema magazine with discussion and debate on the latest movie releases. (R)

Bums on Seats – Saffron Screen Turns 10Bums on Seats – Saffron Screen Turns 10
Today’s show is rebelling against whatever it is you’ve got, with reviews of the punk rockers trying to survive Green Room, the troublesome teenagers of Mustang and the girl crazed college kids of Everybody Wants Some. Plus we’ve a birthday, looking at the growth of community cinema as Saffron Screen turns 10, and we catch Podcast: Download (Duration: 58:25 — 108.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS LISTEN OUT FOR...… more

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