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105 Drive with Julian Clover

Julian Clover and the team get Cambridge home with 105 Drive, three hours of music, news, sport, travel and weather. There’s the What’s Ons at 4.20, Entertainment News at 4.50 and at 5.30 a guest from around the city. After 6.00 there’s regular features centered on music, entertainment and politics.

With Emma Howell, Zoey Hudson, Liz Pearl, Jake Butt and Leigh Chambers.


From 6pm The Chart Hour with the Unsigned Chart update and the countdown of the most played records on Cambridge 105 in the 105 Airplay Chart.

At 6.30 Julian plays the Number One hits from this week through the years.

Local politics in focus in 105 Politics.

After 6pm it’s 105 Entertainment with an update of the Unsigned Chart, regular critic, Skye Keable and Hatti Simpson review the week’s biggest movie releases, plus guests from the local arts and music scene.

News, Weather and Sport at 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00; Local Weather at 6.59; Travel at 4.15, 4.45, 5.15, 5.45, 6.15 and 6.45



Zoey has the Friday Gig Guide at 4.20 and 5.20; and Jake Butt previews the local sporting action at 4.50pm.

Fortnightly at 5.30 Lawrence Micallef and Rob Chipperfield present the Gadget Guide; Dom Smith has the Pub of the Month and Nigel Beaumont reviews the best Wine on offer.

Then at 6pm, it’s the Weekend Warm Up with 60 minutes of old skool hits from the 70s to today with Neil Whiteside.

News, Weather and Sport at 4.00, 5.00; Travel at 4.15, 4.45, 5.15 and 5.58


Julian Clover gets Cambridge home with 105 Drive. Included today is the Gig Guide with Zoey Hudson, the Weekend Sports Preview and the Gadget Guide.

105 Drive with Tim Willett 15/04/2014105 Drive with Tim Willett 15/04/2014
Tim Willett sits in for Julian and is joined by Hannah, Sam, Luke and Brenna who are all Apprentices at the Cambridge Junction and Cambridge University Museums. They’re organising an evening event called ‘Junkyard’ at the Cambridge Junction on May 2nd and came in to tell Tim all about it. To book tickets visit www.junction.co.uk more


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