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Cambridge 105 needs its team of volunteers to keep it running. Everything from finances to programming is managed by people who willingly give up their time to do something they enjoy and consider worthwhile – being involved in community radio. However, Cambridge 105 is also a membership organisation and we are reliant on those who use our services and facilities to make a monthly contribution to our running costs.

Why do we need volunteers to make a monthly contribution to the running costs?

Running a radio station is an expensive proposition. As a community station, we endeavour to provide the best facilities we can afford. This often requires going to third parties such as advertisers and other supporters in the community, who are often willing to exchange funds, services or goods in exchange for advertisement on air, online, or both. But this doesn’t cover everything. We still have to cover the rent and bills for the premises, production costs for programming, the cost of the various broadcast licenses that keep us on air, and the costs incurred in maintaining our facilities and keeping equipment in good working order.

  • Premises (including service charge – heat & water) £470.90
  • Council tax(currently subject to 95% relief) £7.63
  • Electricity £100.17
  • Insurance £55.09
  • OB costs, internet and telephone £32.50
  • PRS and PPL £136.25
  • Wireless license fees £88.16

Our Total Monthly Core Costs are £890.70

Your membership contribution gives Cambridge 105 greater financial stability and autonomy, allowing us to continue to increase the scope and quality of service we offer to our members and the wider community.

If you have any questions about membership and would like to talk to us directly, please get in touch:

Subscription rates:

Membership contributions are payable via Direct Debit on a rolling monthly basis. The current suggested contribution is listed below, this is a minimum suggested donation, please give more if you feel you are able to:

INDIVIDUALS £10 (anyone aged under 18 is free)

GROUPS £180*

*Group membership applies only to established groups – usually charities or community groups – who involve a number of individuals throughout the year in the production and presentation of their show. Regular programmes are not groups. If you have any further questions on this point, please get in touch. For more information, please refer to the membership terms and conditions.

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